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Name:Natural Mineral Mask

Retail: HK$503
Wholesale: HK$360 / RMB¥327

  • Formulated by natural mud of numerous plants extracts, amino acids, minerals and vitamins
  • Deep cleansing and tighten pores, regulates sebum secretion
  • Hydrates, purifies and revitalises the tired skin

Main Ingredients: Numerous Plants Extracts , Mineral and Organic substance, Trace Elements

Directions: Apply a thick layer to cleansed skin (avoid eyes and lips). Wait for 3-10 minutes (according to skin condition) . Mineral Lotion can apply on the mask to keep it wet. Rinse thoroughly. Used 2 timesa week.

Suitable For: Any skin types (avoid wound, hypersensitive, severely dehydrated skin)

Size: 100ml

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